Madden 06 #epicfail

Do you remember Madden NFL ’06? It was a horrible launch game for the XBOX 360.

Check out this article at Rolling Stone about how it was developed.

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NHL 94 R.I.P.

Who doesn’t play or remember NHL ’94? Well sad news : with Jagr stopping play in the NHL to return to his home country, that means the last active player from NHL ’94 has left the league. Still that was 24 years ago…whoa.

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Sports Radio

Sports Radio is disgusting. That is all.

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Humble Bundle and Mr. Shifty

Earlier this week I took advantage of a special deal when you prepay for the monthly Humble Bundle. I figured it would be a great way to get some new games, save money and feel good because of Humble’s charitable focus.

What I did not expect was to play a game that would remind me not to have insane 4 hour-plus gaming sessions because I am 46 and tendinitis is still a thing.

You see I started playing this game I got, called Mr. Shifty. I have to admit I never heard of it before. It is made by TinyBuild and I found out it was released this April on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

Part of the game feels like Hotline Miami in that you go into rooms, kill bad guys and move on. If you die, you restart at the last checkpoint. You never run out of lives. At the end of the stage, you’ll see how long the stage took you and how many lives you used.

So like I said, I just thought I’d give it a shot and started playing right around 8:45 last night. When I looked at the clock again, I was 16 stages in and it was 1:30 AM. Yes I suck at games, but boy was that fun. What isn’t fun is the fact that my right thumb hurts and my left thumb has a callous.

But I had a blast. Give the game a shot and ignore the metacritic 66% score. I really enjoyed it.

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IGN Fires Editor-In-Chief, Gaming World shrugs

Well in a shocker that absolutely no one saw coming (/sarcasm), IGN fired their Editor In Chief today for “misconduct”

And in 2018 we all know what that means: sexual harassment.

I don’t think anyone for a second ever believed IGN was an environment conducive to women. This goes back a long time.

In fact pretty much all gaming is a sausage fest. These people would see a PR person and literally drool if their gender was female.

I’m not surprised by this at all, just surprised it took so long for something to happen.


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Happy 2017 or 2018 or something

Watching football of course. They are saying it is the 2nd coldest game at Gillette Stadium. I was at the coldest game vs Tennessee in the playoffs. It was a night game and I had hand warmers in pretty much every orafice. The Patriots won that game also known as the “Jeff Fisher icicle beard game” …good times.

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Ah, nothing is more awesome than the year end winter sales on all the big platforms: Steam, Origin, GOG and heck even UPlay. Games that were full price 3 weeks ago are now as low as $25 – $30.

It’s like there’s a videogame crash of 1983 every December!

So far I picked up Mutant Football League for Steam, and that Cuphead game everyone is talking about. If you haven’t bought FIFA 18 yet and want it on PC it’s under $30 now.

Good times!

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