Golden Tee Home Edition

Has anyone looked at Golden Tee Home Edition? I mean it’s kind of a chunk of change – $3695 w/free shipping and 3 months subscription. The monitor is extra – you can buy the stand, but you still have to buy the TV yourself.

On the other hand, it’s the same version of the game you can play at the bar, with online events (but not tournaments). And $3700 for a real arcade game isn’t huge for that sort of market (don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge amount but if you were going to buy a pinball or video arcade game for home, that is not expensive compared to the $7,000 + you can see for these things.

Of course you have to have space for it and yadda yadda. But is kinda cool…

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Mutant Football League

Has anyone tried / played Mutant Football League on Steam? Sounds like the voice is the guy from NFL Blitz…I played the demo…I found it very fast to play…but it may have potential.

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Black Friday Xbox Sale

Actually, a crap load of games are on sale early to Xbox Live Gold members.

Check it out here:

Xbox Live Gold Members Can Now Get A Jump Start On Black Friday Savings

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PES 2018 Xbox Black Friday Sale

If you haven’t tried Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 yet, the Xbox store is having a 40% off sale for Black Friday week.

It has Liverpool (licensed). And David Beckham.

Now everyone can beat Palace 17-0. Go play!

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Sports Games Subscription Model?

Microsoft Office does it. Adobe does it. Quicken does it…so is it coming to sports games?

EA kind of hinted that they may do away with annual releases and instead have a downloadable content subscription service. It’s not as wacky as you’d think. You buy the games anyway, right? I guess the only downside with a subscription model is that you can’t relive the glory of old years. For example, you can play Madden ’95 with it’s no two point conversion rule and the Rams in St. Louis..but with a subscription model that wouldn’t be an option…..

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The Sports Gamer Blog X

Whoa, if you like the letter X, you’ll be excited for all the new products coming out in the next seven days. Remember when X just meant porn?

So today the iPhone X makes its debut, followed by the Xbox One X next week.

I haven’t received my console for review. Something about “not doing reviews as my primary job” makes me have to buy the consoles these days (getting old sucks), but let me paraphrase all the reviews I’ve seen in an IGN-way:

The best Xbox One ever. If you have a 4K TV, you should get an Xbox One X.

There, that was easy, and Microsoft didn’t even send me a console. The nerve.. LOL.

I still prefer PC gaming. I don’t have as large of a monitor for my PC gaming as I do for my Xbox, but it is nice to
be able to play games I bought eons ago on Steam without having to go through a massive process. My monitor is a 1440p one with 1ms refresh…and on a GeForce Ti card, frame rates are never a problem.

The nice thing about my PC is that I can just keep expanding with another drive or two or three. I think I have 10TB of space now.

Because of the 4K games on my Xbox One taking up an insane amount of space (100GB+ per game), having a console with only 1TB of space is almost criminal, especially since they have released 2TB consoles for the Xbox One S.

In order to prepare, I did buy one of those aftermarket Xbox specific drives. The one I bought is an 8TB (!) drive with 2 USB ports..but for some reason, even though it requires it’s own plug (not just usb) for power, you can’t charge your controller with it…that is a whole lot of weird.

Okay those are my ramblings for today. I hear there’s some new game out today — call of something or other..that I need to play.

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Need a XB1 Golf Fix?

Best Buy’s Deal of the Day for Sunday 29 October is the Golf Club 2nd edition for $19.99.

If you like golf games, it’s a no brainer.

Also if you like games with Mario, get Super Mario Odyssey.

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