Time to go through reader mail. Remember to ask a question or what not, click the email us link on the side.

Letter #1:

William, Just curious, are you planning on reviewing all the console baseball games. After introducing you to a bunch of guys at, they praised you for your review of MVP (well, the non-EA fan boys anyways). We are hoping you are reviewing the rest of the baseball games, that way we can get some unbiased reviews. So are All-Star, ESPN , MLB, and OOTP6 on your to do list. Thanks. Jason Whitt

Well Jason, Bill tells me he will do his best. Of course, even if Bill doesn’t do a ‘paid professional review’, you can always check out his impressions here on the blog.

Letter #2:

Jim Cassinelli emails us with news of an MVP PC demo at the following link. You heard it here first. Or something. Remember this download is a mere 250MB.

Letter #3 comes from pacuca:

pacuca here. I’ve known you {Dan} since way back in the original OS days (I was a

soccer nut). I have my own online gaming site that is dedicated to ONLY

serious, fundamentally sound players. Please check it out here.

P.S. say hi to Bill. Love the new blog site.

Well, in order to get your letter printed, saying how great I am often works. Bonus points for liking the footy. Oh yeah, and your league looks rather interesting.

That’s it for this week’s mailbag. Feel free to drop us a line and maybe we’ll answer your Q — whether it be how to get in the biz, why certain review sites should always be avoided, or anything else. I’d avoid the questions about romance, unless you’re hot and heavy for sports games though.


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