Dragging me kicking and screaming – MVP Mods

We keep getting email about more MVP 2004 PC mods. First off, thanks to everyone sending that stuff in. I was aware of The Bill Harris Project (I know Bill and we exchange emails frequently) as well as the RubberDucky Progress mod and the others mentioned. One that I didn’t know about was sent in by Scott Rudoff.

He writes: (and sorry Scott for printing this without asking)

Hey guys – just wanted to give you a heads up that the CPU steals bug has probably been fixed! The answer lies in the datafile.big file.


This guy released a new datafile with ramped up CPU steals and got 10 in one game! Obviously it has to be scaled back but it looks like a winner. Also, he provided an excel file with all the data you can change – it looks like a Balco Labs enhanced High heat tune file. (I thought this was really funny – B)

Also, you keep mentioning the broken dynasty mode – have you tried the player progression mod that has been posted on several sites? It has much better results than the stock files. Keep up the cool Blog and remember that High Heat out of the box sucked too! The mod community made the game a winner.


OK Scott. I give! I’m in the middle of a couple of non sports game assignments but I will make the MVP mods a priority when I get some free time. Believe me when I tell you –I want MVP to succeed on the PC. I would so much rather play a PC baseball game than one on a console and both Scott and Dale are right when they say that out of the box High Heat was a mess too.

The PC sports community is just too cool.

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