Happy Tuesday

Well, as you see from Bill’s post, what we posted March 16th (link–scroll to bottom) is true. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but hey, if you read us, you would have known about this two weeks ago ;).

In other news, any Tuesday where you can wake up, put on ESPN and watch the Yankees lose live is a good Tuesday. Speaking of baseball, I played some more MLB. Damn this game is fun. I just received my latest issue of GamePro — they review MVP, MLB, and ESPN. I have not yet played ESPN, but they actually rate ESPN BELOW MLB and MVP. MVP is their winner (of course), but they do address some of the issues (broken franchise mode) in their brief review. In my opinion MVP as the whole experience wins so far by default but I personally prefer the RPG like gaming of MLB. MLB does not have check swings, and some other quirks (while MVP has some flat out broken issues, IMHO). For a quick game, MVP might be better. I cringe saying that, but it’s not that MLB is bad. We still have ESPN to go, and I’m going to pass entirely on ASB. I have zero faith in that franchise. Acclaim is going to have to write me and say ‘try it, it is better’ before I go putting that game in. I just didn’t enjoy last year’s at all.


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