More mailbag fun

Boy it’s tough to keep up with the blogbag, but here we go. Thanks again for all your responses!

Hey Bill and Dan, I really enjoy reading your site. Bill, I have been reading your reviews for eons. I have always respected your opinions on sports games. That brings me to the point of this email. I am curious why you haven’t mentioned all the modding that is going on for MVP. I know the default game has a lot of flaws, however; the modding community is well on its way to fixing the game. Now if only EA would help us out a bit. — Dale Tuchalski

Bill did reply to this one but I lost it. Actually Bill said something to the effect of he could only write about what he tried and he really hadn’t tried the mods with the whole ASB thing. I’m sure when Bill tries out the mods, he’ll post all about it right here.

Next letter comes from well respected newsgroup poster Hido:

“For your mailbag: How come you guys haven’t mentioned me yet? 😉 Great site! Do a forum!

Hido, consider yourself mentioned. For those that don’t know Hido is one of the older posters ever. He is also pretty good with the retorts (probably second only to Pumbaa). It’s always good to hear from you hido. As far as the forums go, we’re going to go with the ‘this is a labor of love and not costing us anything to run’ argument. Forums = $$ and $$ is something we aren’t willing to part with yet, being us cheap bastards and all.

Okay, remember, for your question to be posted here, don’t forget to email us — just use the link on the left.


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