Totally not sports related but FYI is now taking preorders for Unreal Tournament Special Edition. This game is the DVD version of UT 2004 and has a nice Logitech head set for extra oomph. They are selling it for $39.99 with shipping in late April. This is of course better than the $100 that it’s going for on Ebay…hmm, maybe I should buy two…interesting :).

PS — All those sites that say Microsoft had to ‘accelerate’ the Xbox price reduction to $149 are LYING. Why? I just received a Wal-Mart circular. In it, it shows the price ‘rollback’ to $149. There is quite a bit of lead time involved in these circulars. MS was going to roll the price back as of 4/1, it’s pretty obvious they weren’t waiting until E3. As usual the Wall Street Journal had it wrong :).


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