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Well, sorry for the brief hiatus from the blog. I’m just now getting over the fact that I will have to root for Kellen Winslow Jr. Man, that’s not going to be easy to do. Deep down I was hoping that we’d either draft Taylor of Big Ben, but we took the player we needed the most, gave up way too much to get him, and I can’t get past the fact that I cannot stand the guy…or at least the guy that he portrays himself to be in the media. I know all too well that the face you put on in public isn’t always the “real” you. Winslow might be a good guy behind closed doors within his circle. I dunno. But the public Winslow I cannot stand. He better be great and I mean immediately or Browns fan will turn on him. Fast. He could start things off on a good note by not holding out…

It happens every year that I want the draft. I come away feeling like a complete idiot because Cleveland ends up doing things that, to me, make no sense whatsoever. The team’s #1 priority is the Oline, and we wait until Round 6 to draft a lumbering tackle from Stanford? We are loaded at RB and yet we draft a RB from Cal in round 7. Ah well.

On a positive note, Ohio State set a new 7 round record by getting 14 players drafted. And Krenzel was drafted before Navarre or Smoker. How cool is that?


I’m finishing up my Baseball Round Up for GSpy. It’s due on Thursday so should be online next week. It glosses over ESPN, MVP, MLB, ASB and OOTP6. I doubt anyone will be shocked by my thoughts, but hey…


I would talk about the NBA Playoffs but I really don’t give a hoot what happens. So, I won’t waste your time or mine. Same with Hockey. I’m burnt out. I can’t help it.


I WILL say that I’m a huge horse racing fan and it’s the time of year that people like me get to hear the mainstream sports media attempt to talk horses because it’s Derby Week. I won’t drive you crazy with horse stuff…I know it’s a niche game. I will say this is the weakest Derby field that I can recall in…well…forever. A sad group. That said, you should check out the HBO Sports Documentary, “Jockey” that premiered last night. Talk about a rough way to make a living.

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