Bill goes on the 15 day DL; Career Mode Thoughts

The doc wants me to wait another day before coming in for an exam, to see if any discoloration forms. So far, there’s no black and blue, just a lot of swelling. As I said in the blog forum, my ankle makes my foot look like a ham hock. So I’m hobbling around the house today with Ashley telling me she’s going to take care of me and then getting mad when dad can’t play a rousing game of balloon with her. Kids. heh. I was hoping I’d be back in the swing in a few days, maybe even enough to get back on the court by Sunday, but being the moron that I am, I’m starting to come to grips with the fact that I’m gonna be on the shelf for a while unless this thing magically heals overnight. Argh.

My OOTP6 multiplayer league has started its 15th season this week. I don’t think I have played a sports game this consistently…ever. As much as I go on and on about how much I loved High Heat Baseball, I don’t think I played past my 14th season in that game. I think I maxxed out after year 11 of NCAA 2004. But OOTP keeps on chugging along and I don’t see a reason why we’d stop anytime soon. OOTP isn’t the best replay sim in the world but for fictional player leagues it’s tough to beat.

The reason why people are still playing in MP leagues that have lasted so long is because OOTP does something every single sports game should do, but doesn’t: allow season conversions. Our league started with OOTP4, played through the next year with OOTP5 and now has made the switch to OOTP6. Because I’m a freelance whore, I haven’t paid for any of these games but the people in my league have — that’s an almost guaranteed sale for the OOTP folks every year by its fan base.

How cool would it be to take your current NCAA 2004 Dynasty and convert it to NCAA 2005? Why do we have to start all over AGAIN each year? I invested a LOT of time turning the UTEP Miners into a 4 star program, and now I have to call it quits because EA says it’;s time for a new release? Why? And don’t give me that “it’s a new database structure, or a new game engine,” That’s BS. Just convert the stats over for cryin’ out loud. We have these lovely hard drives on the Xbox, let’s use the damn things! Every sports game should do thus and I don’t want to single out EA Sports, but as much as I love EA’s college football game, I do wish I could keep my old Dynasty. Am I alone on this?

Anyway, Motrin and the couch are calling.

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