So I got my Xray today…

And I still don’t know if my ankle is broken. “We’ll call you tonight or tomorrow.” So I can go online and view my house from space and you can’t tell me if my ankle is broken after waiting an hour to see you?

My mood is deteriorating rapidly. My ankle is still as big as a truck and I now have a purple patch above my ankle. My completely non medical opinion is that this is a high ankle sprain, and since I watch a lot of football I know that it should take weeks before it’s healed. Damn it. And I doubt I even get one of those cool protective boots that football players get.

My doctor told me, and I’m not kidding, “Boy that’s either fractured or it’s a heck of a sprain.” That’ll be $10 co-pay please. Thanks Doc.

The good news is that my wife went out to the store and bought me the Xbox versions of Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Crimson Skies Revenge something rather. I’m kinda of baseball burnt out and wanted to flex my other genre gaming muscles while I’m rottoing on the couch. I rarely, and I mean rarely, play anything on the consoles that isn’t sports related. I use the PC for other stuff like strtatgey gaming, action gaming, and RPGs.

Prince of Persia is a real hoot…lotsa fun…but it’s not very realistic and the stat model sucks.

heh heh heh

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