I’m just playing a round of the new Gallery course. There’s a very, very long par 5. It’s great to play a course that is really a new course — the Kapalua course was fun, but I had played it before on numerous other golf games as I recall. This one is a real new challenge and I’m enjoying it.

Have you checked out the new MSN Messenger with the Xbox Live tab? That is pretty darn cool. The MSN Xbox Live alerts are bordering on annoying — I set them all up at first to see how they would be — however now I have 23 messages telling me that someone was playing PGR 2 at 5:30AM my time. A little too much information, if you ask me. So I think I’ll turn off the alerts and just let the tab tell me what’s going on when I want.

Finally a quick note about the comments, a few days ago, I had posted one of my political tirades — as I’m often wont to do and Shamrock posted a comment and emailed me back about it. As much as I totally disagree with Shamrock’s positions, the poster is correct — this is about sports gaming and I’ll save the rants for another blog. That being said, if there is news outside of sports gaming, I believe I can comment on it — whether it be American Idol, Alias, or anything else. Hope that shed’s some light on it. Now back to the games.


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