I may sound like a bitter Ohio State fan but…

I don’t think Mike Williams, the superstud WR formerly of USC, should be allowed to step foot on a college football field again. Well, unless he’s in street clothes walking across the field after a game. ….Or if he coaches one day. Other than THAT….


What’s the reasoning behind allowing him to play again? Because the Clarret thing was overturned? So what? Williams left USC, hired an agent, and was ready to go play in the NFL. That’s all well and good. He’s a great player. But to say that he thought everything was a go after the intial judge ruled in favor of Clarret, and that it’s unfair and he was “caught in the middle” because the ruling was later overturned is insane. Cry me a freaking river. Who is the think tank that advised Williams in the first place?

There was ALWAYS the possibility that the NFL would win this case on appeal. The NFL was confident that they would do so. A kid that wants to play college ball STAYS IN COLLEGE and plays college ball. Williams is a grown man and I’m so sick and tired of “special people” getting special treatment. He needs to live with the choice he made. He waved goodbye to USC and said hello big bucks of the NFL before he should have. Tough shit. Your choice. Live with it.

I don’t have anything against USC or this Williams kid in particular, but when you hire an agent, accept some cash, declare yourself a professional–that’s it. Your rah rah college days are over. Or at least they should be.

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