Oh well, I have to catch up on Tivo

Unfortunately, I tried to go see F 9/11, but it’s sold out. Until Monday. I’m glad the message is getting out, and in the mean time I will play PC games and catch up with the Daily Show. It will be interesting to see the weekend movie numbers. Honestly, all those theater owners that caved to the Right Wing only gave it more press, so it drove more people into a theater. Granted, while I could see Shrek 2 on any of 5 different theaters locally, I could only find one cinema showing 9/11. I’m sure O’Reilly will mention that. But then again, who cares.

Now some sports news. I picked up Indy Car 2005 for Xbox. My god, that is a hard #@$#@$ing game. It makes Toca 2 look like a cakewalk. In my unending quest to find a Shinnecock course for any golf game I own, I thought I had one for Tiger Woods on PC, but it looks like it’s just a tga file and not a course. Nonetheless, I fired up Tiger 2004 and played Pinehurst No. 2. I gave up after the 11th hole when I was +14. Man mouse swing is hard, especially after playing Links Xbox nonstop. I may have to fire up Golden Tee Golf on the PC again, that’s always fun. Anyone still play that game, btw?

I watched Caddyshack again over the weekend, and in doing some research after watching the movie, according to the actor who played Danny Noonan, “Where is Danny Noonan Now? During ABC’s coverage of the Western Open on July 3, a segment will air with me in character as Danny Noonan. Several golf professionals (Mike Weir, Lee Janzen, etc.) will be in the spot, recreating a scene from Caddyshack.” So definitely check that out next Saturday. I’m alright, don’t nobody worry ’bout me….

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