ESPN Football Possible Late July Release *ha*

I love this. The football “war” (hard to call it a war when EA Sports continually bitch-slaps Sega at the cash register every year. Maybe we should call it the football…”Alamo”) keeps getting sillier.

Sega now may release their game in late-freaking-July. Before some training camps start. Can you say, “Craptacular rosters?” Plus, who is REALLY ready for a football game in July? (Ok, I am, but I’m not normal.) Still most “run of the mill gamers” aren’t ready to plop down cash for an NFL football game until they are able to see the teams on the TV, which will be a month away in they release it in July. When will this end? Are we going to see the new versions of these games one day released three weeks after the Super Bowl? It used to be September, then late August, now late July? Doesn’t this faster development cycle mean shittier games? Well, for $20 I guess it’s worth the risk, eh?

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