Two things about ESPN 2K5….

…that bug the hell out of me

1) Why can’t I see the opposing team’s player ratings during a game? Can I do this? I don’t see how. I have to look at the rosters before the game and make a cheat sheet? Surely I’m missing this, right? I mean I HAVE to be able to see the difference between the left corner and the right corner…right? I noticed this actually after Andre King (A WR for Cleveland) caught a pass and went 72 yards with it and was caught from behind by a safety; I wanted to see the safety’s speed rating and couldn’t see how to do it.

2) Has anyone played a game where the CPU has completed over 50% of its passes? I don’t think I have. Right now, in the exhibitions I have played, I get at least 2 picks per game and the CPU hovers around 35-40%. I can’t make the sliders go in favor of the CPU anymore than I already have.

Anyway, just some observations.

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1 Response to Two things about ESPN 2K5….

  1. Anonymous says:

    for problem number part of this is covered in the scouting. you scout ahead of time. of all the VC games i think the only one you check ratings in game is ESPN far as the cpu on default i think it is hard for the cpu but when you up the sliders they can be unstoppable. i tried cpu passing at 39 and human coverage at 32 and it seems ok. at 40 they can destroy you. i am still vacillating between my slider decision.


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