CRAZY ESPN Game Last Night

Wow. So much for the CPU never being able to pass. I’m using a modified version of Bill Harris’ sliders, and after several games of seeing the CPU QB complete 35% of its passes, Kurt Warner and the Giants pass for 412 yards on me while going 29/52. Toomer had *16* catches for 220 yards. I was doubling him, bumping him, trying to zone him..the guy was not to be denied.

As wild as that was, I’m just getting started. Lee Suggs (me) had 25 carries for 290 yards. Yep. 290 yards. He had 3 long runs of 65, 57, and 54. It was just insane. The Giants couldn’t tackle him.

What’s shocking about this is that I have played about 7 or 8 games and this is the first time anything like this has happened. I think that’s a good thing. (Well, Suggs breaking the NFL record is a tad over the top…but hey). Of course if I can do this every other game from now on, that’s gonna be a problem.

So anyway, the score is tied at 31-31 with 5 seconds to go. The Giants have the ball at my 45 yard line. Warner drops back and throws a 25 yard post to, who else, Toomer. Here’s my gripe: Toomer catches the ball and the Giants call time out with 1 second left. Let me say this as gentle as I can:

Total Bull Shit.

No way in HELL can you run a 25 yard post play and call a time out in 4 seconds. That’s inhuman. I’m bitter of course because they won 34-31, but still..4 seconds!?

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3 Responses to CRAZY ESPN Game Last Night

  1. Anonymous says:

    rush record is 295 by jamal lewis last year; funny you seem to have forgot as he did it againt the browns


  2. bill says:

    I thought it was 275? I did my best to completely remove that game from my memory bank.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was using Bill Harris’ sliders and Stephen Davis had (get ready for this) 321 rushing yards against me. FIVE touchdowns on 26 attempts with a long of 97 yards. 12.3 YPC. It was… frustrating to say the least.


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