History of Papyrus : Great Read

GameSpot’s Gord Goble has a very informative piece over at GameSpot about the history of Papyrus and their racing games. It’s a bathroom read but well worth the investment — click this link: http://www.gamespot.com/features/6103365/index.html

Back in ’98 or ’99, I was able to check out Papyrus first hand. (One of the very few times living on the East Coast was an advantage). Myself, along with Craig Tompkins and GA-Sports defector Scott Bedard (who had just reprogrammed Operation Sports and launched a little known metasite called Game Rankings — believe me, it was little at the time) were able to check out everything and anything about what I believe was the launch of NASCAR Racing 3. I remember the big news was that it was running on Direct 3D and all of the voice overs were redone, like the pit crews. We had done a nice article, but it’s no longer there at OS. I think Steve had to delete it so that 34,043 people could bitch about “reading defenses” in NCAA. It’s all about priorities. LOL.

Anyway it’s great news that the original owner of Papy now has acquired the technology in the games. Let’s all hope for more good things. Because I have zero faith in EA ever coming close to Papy’s games — even if you can create a sign.

In other news my ‘standard’ 6800 showed up yesterday, and I promptly installed it. Haven’t played any games with it yet, I’m hoping Doom 3 ‘shows up’ this weekend :).

Until then, it will be an NCAA and NFL fest this weekend. Oh and it’s my birthday. 33. Should be a good year, after all, it’s Larry Bird’s number!

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