I’m starting to get a little worried…

About the interceptions in ESPN. The CPU is throwing INTs left and right. I read about this on a few forums before I started playing and now that I have about a dozen games under my belt, yeah, it’s without a doubt a bit much. I have only played exhibition games thus far but if the Browns have this many picks after 12 games hoo boy we’re gonna do well!

I have the CPU accuracy slider maximized and the Interceptions slider minimized but I still manage 3-5 picks per game (8 min quarters and I never control the DBs). I really have no idea as to what else I can do to “fix” this rather than to just accept it. It’s a shame too because this game does more RIGHT than any pro football game I have ever played. But it needs a healthy patch. 😉

The problem is that most Sega Sports games have one or two doozie-sized flaws that really hamper their longtime play value for me. This could be the flaw that makes it tough for me to really fall in love with ESPN 2K5. I can’t have the Browns picking off 64 passes in a season. That’s just…loony tunes. I’m hopng that for some reason Franchise mode is different. We’ll see..

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5 Responses to I’m starting to get a little worried…

  1. Craig Tompkins says:

    Hey BillI’m doing a Pats franchise with 5 min quarters and everything at the defaults. No sliders, still on pro. I’ve played 7 games and have 8 INTs. Of course I’ve thrown 12.


  2. Anonymous says:

    bill lower YOUR catch slidersome people have noted that this works for defense and may lead to the large amount of ints


  3. Craig Tompkins says:

    I make my post last night, then play a game today. My D had 4 INTs against the Rams. Tom Brady got hurt, so I use Kordell Stewatd (picked up in Free Agency a few weeks ago, just in case). Slash throws 3 INTs himself.


  4. bill says:

    Wow lower my catch slider…now that’s an idea. Thanks for the tip. Craig you suck =)


  5. Anonymous says:

    has lowering YOUR catch slider helped at all????


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