The most important link ever

Because we aim to please and listen to our readers (even the ones that say we are cock suckers or (gah) liberals), Dan Spezzano says you absolutely positively must check out the website for the guy game. Link: Oh yeah, it’s adults only. Duh.

One of the comments I read was that Bill and I were both immersed in the NFL experience. I admit it, it’s most definitely a fun game. Not perfect — I still hate the kicking animation that has been there since the original game (when the guy starts left and kicks right, it looks goofy) and the moving arrow is annoying, but aside from the one bug where the penalty on a run gives an RB negative yards I really am enjoying myself — don’t get me wrong — these aren’t throw the controller down, fuck this game issues, like another football game I’ve been playing — but I have to point out issues, ya know?

Oh yeah, and if you think you really like what Bill and I do, live in San Francisco or want to move there, GameSpot is looking for a Sports Editor. Of course, you have to enjoy working with men too. And forget about hooking up becuase you’ll just be playing games nonstop. Link: Interesting to see that knowledge of sports games is a requirement, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than going to IGN or GameSpot and seeing “I hate soccer, but this is a fun game.”

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