The all hockey post w/important TV stuff.

As mentioned in the comments section, I totally forgot about the hockey World Cup which is on ESPN 2 tonight. Thanks for the comment post, I totally missed it. Like, totally.

Especially since this is probably the only time you’ll see NHL caliber hockey, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here in New England, hockey is quite the pasttime, probably running second to Canada. Even our “AAA” league hockey teams are quite the draws in attendance. In addition to AAA hockey, we also have NCAA College Hockey, which probably runs with such ferver as NCAA football does in South Carolina or Ohio.

Hey, that reminds me, why can’t we get a college hockey videogame? Hello??

Speaking of more hockey,. I now have ESPN NHL 2K5. You knew I was going to get it. I haven’t opened the shrinkwrap yet, but I’ll be sure and post my thoughts. Just be forewarned, when it comes to my forte on reviewing sports videogames, hockey is probably at the bottom of the games I’m familiar with. In fact, let’s go over Dan’s sports list now in order of videogame preference:

1. Soccer

2. Golf

3. Baseball

4. Football

5. NASCAR or other Racing games, excluding F1

6. Hockey

7. Wrestling


7. Basketball

There. I think that’ s all of the genres that actually count.

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2 Responses to The all hockey post w/important TV stuff.

  1. RatBastard says:

    How can you exclude F1?Do you have a problem with turning right? 🙂


  2. Jayhawker says:

    Soccer??? Ugh!!!Here’s mine:1. Football2. Baseball3. Racing4. Boxing (Wrestling? WTF???)5. Golf6. Hockey (I really only play this once the playoffs start.)7. Basketball (I haven’t played since NBA Live and NBA Jam on the SNES)


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