Fun With Amazon

I needed a new power shovel for my deck as snow should be arriving any moment. Of course, like flip flop Kerry, it seems to be summer now that it’s fall, although we really didn’t have a summer.

Anyway, I just received my order confirmation from Amazon:

Shipping estimate for these items: June 2, 2005

Delivery estimate: June 9, 2005 – October 12, 2005

“Toro 38360 Electric Power Shovel Plus”Tools & Hardware;

This after it says “usually ships in within 2 to 3 days”…well I doubt this will get much use in June 2005. Then again, I did a separate order for the new Daily Show book, it’s not shipping until December. WTF is going on over there?

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3 Responses to Fun With Amazon

  1. Matt says:

    Whoa. I just looked at what you bought on amazon. why the heck do you “need” this thing? it clears up to six inches and is powered by a 7.5 amp motor. my vacum uses more power than that. what’s wrong with shoveling the snow off? How old are you anyways? 65? 🙂


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    I am assuming you don’t live in New England and don’t have a deck? The biggest issue is that the deck has a lot of bumps in it and makes it difficult for a shovel with screws, boards coming up, etc. In addition, after multiple snowstorms, usually you just dump it off the deck on the side, however when you get 23 feet of snow, it’s very difficult to just ‘push’ off the snow.It’s a very handy little power shovel.


  3. Matt says:

    Ahh okay. I live in Northern Wisconsin so i do know what snow is 🙂 But i do not have a deck. I was just struck funny at how little the Power Shovel is. But if it helps than more power to you.


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