Defining Surreal..oh and some Madden stuff

Last Sunday night I was flipping back and forth between the USC/Stanford game (damn it Cardinal) and the 2000 Presidential Debate on CSPAN. I had no idea they were replaying that but I stumbled on it while surfing during halftime. It was really weird watching that debate 4 years after the fact. Both guys said things that were pretty much bullshit, which I think is a huge reason so many people are turned off by politics. After a while, you know you are being fed a line of shit, so why bother?

Bush in 2000: “It’s not the job of the US Military to police the world. I would be very cautious to send in troops to a foreign land. Unlike my opponent, the Vice President believes in Nation Building. I believe the only job of the army is to fight and wins wars, and winning wars brings peace.”

Four years later this statement…some would say…is a flip flop of the highest degree. If Iraq isn’t a textbook example of Nation Building, then I dunno what is.

Bush again: As Gov of Texas I reached across party lines on every issue, and I worked tirelessly with Democrats, many of whom support me today.”

Do even Republicans believe that Bush is an “across the aisle” kind of President?

Gore: Gov Bush’s tax plan gives the richest 1% the largest chunk of tax relief.

Bush: That’s Fuzzy Math.

Turns out, it was just math.

Of course Gore had some doozies too.

Gore: Rowe vs. Wade is absolutely on the ballot!

Well, not really.

Gore: This economy will remain strong throughout the decade. There’s no sign of a recession.


Anyway, after watching the debate again..if Bush was actually the kind of President that he presented himself to be in that debate I’d have very little problems with the guy. I mean there are fundamental differences that I have with him on certain issues, but it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it is now with Bush running so far right that he’s falling into the Atlantic Ocean. I get really scared when a politcian leans too far left or too far right. Extremism just scares the shit out of me, be it religion, politics, whatever.

Oh well, at least we have Wife Swap on ABC.


I’m finishing up a Madden PC review for CGM and I’m highly unimpressed with the PC version. The console version is much better because the control in the PC version is just off. It’s like the players are running on glass. They did patch the fatigue bug for online play, though. Still, the game just seems so stale and almost too familiar. Time for a new engine, boys. But I guess that has to wait until the new consoles come out, eh?

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3 Responses to Defining Surreal..oh and some Madden stuff

  1. Michael says:

    Dan–From your political views, Im SURE youll love this…. interesting, to say the least.


  2. bill says:

    That wasn’t a Dan post, FYI. 🙂


  3. Michael says:

    Wow, Im sorry Bill. But you have to admit, you probably know why I came to that assumption….. 😀


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