Getting Ready for Football

Well, I just read the Boston Globe this morning, it says:

“Sunday’s NFL TV lineup leads off with Patriots-Bills (Channel 4, 1 p.m., available in high definition). CBS follows with Jets-Dolphins (Channel 4, 4 p.m., also in HD), and Fox brings in Falcons-Panthers (Channel 25, 4 p.m., also in HD)”

Now this would be totally awesome…if my @#$$@#ing cable company carried CBS HD. At least I have Fox HD, so I can watch that.

We have 11 games yet to be played in our league. So, hello, get off your duffs and get playing.

How about that Cowboys – Redskins game? Pretty exciting stuff.

How about Jay Leno retiring. Thank god. How does this guy keep winning in the ratings when he’s unfunny and no one watches him? Conan is pretty darn funny. So, we just have 5 years to go. Leno doesn’t want any animosity this time around. Yeah, right. If he didn’t want any animosity, he would have yielded to Letterman 10 years ago. Okay, if I had a shot at the job, I wouldn’t pass it up either, but did you really think Dave would be ok with it? Come on.

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