The Plate

Things are staying busy for me right now, so here’s a list of what I’m working on and what I’ll be talking about over the next few days.

  • NHL 2005 PC – I’ve heard bad things about this year’s NHL but we’ll see…
  • Chaos League PC – Loved the beta. This is currently only a UK release but you can mail order it, and it might be worth it. They are looking for a new US publisher since Strategy First has filed Chapter 11.
  • Eastside Hockey Manager PC – The so called Championship Manager for hockey fans. I’ll be shocked if this isn’t great.

In the pipeline I’ll be doing the NBA Live 2005 PC review for CGM and the FIFA 2005 PC review for GameSpy. That will take us into the holiday season where I’ll hopefully be reviewing some A-List strategy games. Maybe Axis and Allies. Woo.

Got an email from a blog reader asking “what the hell is CGM?” CGM is Computer Games Magazine (used to be known as Computer Games Strategy Plus, which was a really, really bad name.) Anyway, it’s a print mag and more info can be found here. Subscribe today! Keep one of Bill’s freelance outlets in business!

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