Debate Day

Unless you’re living in a rock or don’t care about politics (which is unfortunately a lot of people), the big event is tonight. Kerry vs Bush in a free for all. Well not really free for all because both candidates are such wusses they had to work out a 32 page ‘agreement’ that goes over everything for the debate. So much for spontanaiety.

Of course, the Kerry camp is praising Bush’s debating skills, and the Bush camp is praising Kerry’s skills. This way, if one candidate decidedly wins, the loser can say ‘we told you he was good, but we’re focusing on blah blah blah.’ Now I see why so many people don’t care :).

Anyway, if you can watch some, please do.

Speaking of TV, damn that LOST show is good. The twists in last nights episode were amazing, and it’s only freakin’ episode 2. If you’ve missed any of the show (and shame on you), ABC is showing the first two episodes back to back on Saturday. So watch it.

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