Debate Review

Yes, I know you know where I stand, but I honestly went into this like a reviwer, desperately trying to be objective.

I thought Kerry did very well. I think Bush did better than I thought he’d do at the beginning then faltered something awful in the middle. The debate comission said that camera couldn’t look at the other candidate during the debate, but that didn’t stop the split screen (as well it shouldn’t). I honestly thought that was put there by Kerry’s team as though they were afraid of Gore-itis again. Interestingly enough, it was Bush that looked like steam was eminating from his ears while Kerry was talking. I was rather surprised with that.

Bush didn’t surprise me with his talking points over and over again. Questions weren’t answered on both sides and they tried to spin their ways. Hey, does anyone think Iraq is hard work, because I don’t think the President mentioned if it was all night. It was a real crutch for him, and it didn’t work at all in my book.

I still was impressed with the debate, it exceeded my expectations. I really thought it was going to be a big polished event. Both candidates excelled in some areas, I think their bases got what they wanted. As far as that goes, I think Kerry exceeded because we got more out of him that what we’ve heard before. It was more of the same with Bush, but if you’re voting for him, I think you do want to hear it. So basically both sides go home happy, but I wouldn’t surprised to see if some undecideds go to Kerry off of this one. Then again, I think that if you’re undecided by now, you need some help. Either that or you like all the attention, which I can understand too.

I hate polls, but you know I want to see the next one. Does that make me a flip flopper?

You know what though — I really think that this might be the first time that people will watch more debates (usually people watch the first one and then it drops significantly)..I don’t think that will happen this time, even on Fox News. Then again, next debate is on a Friday.

WOW..just watching NBC and they are talking with undecideds in Ohio…all of them (ALL OF THEM) just said Kerry was more compelling….are you kidding me? I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He was that good? Damn……maybe I underestimated…guess we’ll find out tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Debate Review

  1. Michael says:

    Well, allow me to chime in. MY take from it is that Kerry did very well. As mentioned by one of the news outlets, this was the debate about the war and foreign policy, 2 areas that Bush should have cleaned up on. But, what did he offer us? His “one-trick pony” method of debating showed here….he only concentrated on Kerry’s past performance instead of talking about new efforts he will initiate in the world. I didnt hear much about anything new from Bush, just simply reiterating his old material and what he HAS AREADY DONE, not what he will do. I guess when he said “Mission Accomplished!”, he really meant it. Bush seemed to be playing defense all night, a point that I was thinking all throughout the debate (and later a sentiment shared by “experts” such as Tim Russert and Chris Matthews, as well as most of the panel from FNC). From this debate, he seemed reactionary, as opposed to taking a pro-active stance on new initiatives.However, it was interesting to hear the immediate responses post-debate. As I scanned through, I heard most of the same story:-Both candidates are vastly different.-Kerry seemed to pleasantly surprise most people-Bush seemed to hold his own, but not really to any extent-Kerry answered a lot of questions for people, ie Iraq, war on terror, foreign policy in general.As mentioned, in the time since the debate, that seems to be the view from most of the experts, from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. THEN, i turned to Fox News, where Alan Colmes (Sean Hannity’s little lackey) and Karen Hughes (Bush campaign chair) were basking in the celebration of the debate win. I believe Colmes’ phrase was “you must be very happy with tonight”. Ok, I just want to see which debate they were watching, because it wasnt the one aired tonight.Thats all I have to say about that….I have to go check my head in a mirror. Everytime I see George W. Bush talk and flash that little smirk (the one where he talks out of the side of his mouth, like Lou Holtz) I pull my hair out in disgust thinking we might have another 4 years of this disgrace as our president.


  2. Glen says:

    Ok. One thing that the “pundits” seem to keep saying is that one of the things that Bush does very well is the fact that he talks like he is “just like us.”You know what? I don’t want a president that talks and acts like me. I want a guy that looks and acts like a leader. I want someone that can be articulate and command a government. I don’t want someone running our country and then coming over to my house to throw down a sixer and watch the Packer game. Glen


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