NHL 2005: It’s Sucktacular!

OK seriously guys, this is the worst NHL game EA has produced in YEARS.


Not only is the gameplay poorly developed, check this little franchise mode ditty out:

As a Blue Jackets coach my “goal” was to get the first pick in the draft. Hmm. ok. Odd..but ok. So I sim the season and end up making the playoffs! 7th seed. Owner is ticked.

“I said I wanted the #1 pick!” Sim season 2. 5th seed and make it to round 2 beating the Red Wings! Fan loyalty goes way up! I’m pulled into the boardroom and fired, Trump-style. This guy REALLY wanted that #1 pick…

This might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a franchise mode. Ever. The game ends at this point, my franchise left in ruins. Are we having fun yet?

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3 Responses to NHL 2005: It’s Sucktacular!

  1. Ted says:

    Aint it amazing? We go from 2002 which finally sees the beginning of hockey competition (Sega v EA) to 2003 which sees a major shift among video gamers and EA takes notice. To 2004 which sees EA produce their best (aguably) hockey game ever along with a solid Hitz Pro, a mixed 2k4 and the surprising Rivals (best online play). Once year later and we’re back to two. ESPN is a good game and EA deserves the toilet…..again. Cap that off with no real life hockey and it’s enough to make a fan look for another sport….permanently.Ted


  2. mjb2123 says:

    I’m not much of a hockey fan or hockey gamer fan, but this seems to be EA’s mantra lately. MVP was full of all the amazing diving catches by the CPU fielders. Madden was all about the big hit this year. NHL sounds like it’s all about the big hit as well.It seems EA has gone in the direction of the casual gamer and not the hardcore sim fan. Although one could say that they’ve always been that way. It’s almost like their goal is only to “WOW” the gamer with the amazing play and not to produce a game with stellar gameplay (ala High Heat).


  3. Ted says:

    EA has really always been about fun gameplay before realism and you can make arguments that they are right or wrong to put that before realism. It is just so disappointing that they made such great strides last year and chose to regress the realism this year. There may be more behind the decision such as sales were worse last year, but that could also be attributed to the gains made by ESPN.Ted


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