Warning: Actual Game Related Content

My review of Microsoft/Sega’s OutRun 2 is up over at GameRankings, which you can view here. It’s a fun $19.99 game, but it’s now selling for $39.99. So there you go.

I did of course play GTA: San Andreas, I think I mentioned this earlier in the week but I forget. I’m very enthralled by the game. You definitely do NOT want your 3 year old near this game — not so much for the violence (hey, he’s played Call of Duty), but because of the language. Nothing more heartwarming than having the 3 year old throwing out f bombs. Makes the house very happy.

Just to follow up on Bill’s posts from a while back: I have played NBA2K5, but haven’t played NBA Live. I really like the game, but I’m not as into the NBA as I am with other sports – so it’s tough to give it a formal review. The 24/7 mode sure is fun though.

Colin McCrae Rally is still sitting here, I hope to have some quality time with that over the weekend.

FIFA 2005 PC is growing on me somewhat. I’m still pissed they don’t include the advantage rule (this isn’t hard to do folks), but the gameplay has definitely improved from the last time I played it. I’m still not sure it’s up to WE (WE has all kinds of awesome mods, I haven’t seen that from the community yet for FIFA ’05). That being said, if you buy the 2 EA PC games you get one free, so that may make it worthwhile for you.

Oh yeah, and I’m still trying to dum…er sell Madden and NCAA for Xbox. Email me your offers. LOL.

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