Best. Email. Ever.

Sir I do sincerely apologies to you for bothering you with my problems and difficult situation that I presently find myself .
My name is Boris Khodorkovsky the nephew of Mr Mikhail Khodorkovsky the Head of Yukos the largest petroluem producing company in Russia, the fourth largest in the world and the Richest man in Russia.My Uncle is estimated to worth (usd)$8Billion and is presently standing trials in moscow for fraud and tax evasion charges .I do believe my uncle is innocent, but just been witchhunt by President Putin for supporting the Opposition parties.

I am presently in a safe haven here in Siberia hiding away from the Federal Authorities herein Russia who are bent on destroying my uncle’s financial empires and political clout.I have in a safe deposit the sum of (usd)$45Million been part of the excess profit made from the merger of my uncle’s company Yukos with Sibneft a rival Russian Firm owned by Mr Roman Abramovich the Owner of a football club in England.

I am in all submission seeking your assistance in transferring this funds to your nominated bank account for safe keeping and investment in your country so that you can assist me in coming over to your country with a new identity to start a new life over there.
I will be of utmost gratitude if you can keep this deal with all sense of confidentiality and trust sir. Please do know that i will great appreciate your immediate response and assistance to my plight sir.
Please reply presently
Boris Khodorkovsky

I’ll get right on that, Boris.

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1 Response to Best. Email. Ever.

  1. mjb2123 says:

    Ha! I recieved something very similar to that. I actually got about 2-3 emails stating that someone with the same last name as me passed away (somewhere in Europe, I can’t recall) and that he was worth 20 million and the guy sending me the email wanted to give me the money. All I had to do was reply to him stating “Yes, I wanted the money”. I thought, “If only something like that was real”. What a hoax. I assume they were then going to ask for my bank account number to wire me the money. Yeah, I’ll make sure I do that….


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