Ghost Zapped! (And other stuff)

The Breeders’ Cup was truly bizarre. It was the usual parade of favorites and complete unknowns that took home trophies. Funny Cide ran 10th, Birdstone not much better and I saw one of the fastest 4 year old colts I have seen in a LONG time in Classic winner Ghostzapper. This is a truly special thoroughbred. He toyed with last year’c Classic winner Pleasantly Perfect and I didn’t think that was possible. Anyway, I know you probably missed it, but it was high drama for a racing fan. (But who was that horse that won the Juvenile!? American Breeders should be hiding their heads in the sand for not winning that race.) In all, a great day of racing but please get the Cup back to Kentucky where it belongs! …Mainly so I can drive to see it.

In other news…

  • Dan won a game in the ESPN league! He’s off the schneid! A 13-10 thriller over Carolina. Well done, Dan.
  • All three Florida teams lost yesterday for the first time since the invention of the Chia Pet. The FSU game wasn’t a surprise. That team is vastly overrated. Florida has a lame duck coach so anything they do now can’t be a shock. But Miami? North Carolina? Huh? How do you lose to North Carolina?
  • Ohio State won in its usual fashion–a 21-10 win over Penn State. OSU passed 8 times mainly due to 35 MPH winds. Hard to complain though, after losing three straight earlier this year, a win is a win.
  • Maybe losing to Northwestern, as OSU did earlier this year, isn’t all that bad after all? Did you see the Purdue game? Good lord…Purdue has totally collapsed.
  • Way to go Michigan State. Really. Good job. Up 17 with 9 minutes to play and lose to Michigan. Kudos. Really. Golf clap.

Getting off sports for a moment:

As most of you know, I live in a Battleground state. During an election year this is like living in the 5th circle of Hell. That’s it. I’m moving to Montana where people apparantly don’t live.

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1 Response to Ghost Zapped! (And other stuff)

  1. Bemused says:

    For like the 4th year in a row I got beat up on at the breeder’s cup….oh well, it is gambling I guess…..


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