Rush ‘n Attack

I have a confession to make. I am quite addicted to the online Madden minigame, Rushing Attack. It’s 3 on 3 football action and of course on offense, you need to get as many rushing TDs within 1 minute as possible. When you’re on defense, you have to not let the offense get a TD. It is just way too addictive. And difficult, especially when you suck at it like I do. Ugh.

As Bill mentioned, I did win my first game this week, now going to 1-4 on the season. This game was a very close one and the only reason I won was because of a missed 43 yard FG with 1:56 left. I then got the ball and kicked the decisive field goal with :07 left. Nerve racking stuff for me — not as nerve racking as politics, but still a lot of fun.

We’ve received a few complaints about the political stuff — and I’ll be honest, talking about sports games is a lot more fun than politics. I watched the Sunday morning shows and the inherent bias on these people — one way or another — is just too much. If candidate A has a poll lead over candidate B, they said “A has opened up a lead.” If candidate B is ahead, it’s “just barely or a dead heat.” Whatever. You’d think that any of these networks would learn from these polls that they are WRONG period. Most polls in 2000 had Bush ahead by 4 points on the DAY BEFORE voting. As you recall, Bush didn’t win the popular vote. So, it goes to show you that not only were the polls NOT within the margin of error, they were just flat out jokes. On the Daily Show, John Zogby said that in order to get those poll samples of 852 likely voters, they sometimes have to call more than 10,000 people! I’m one of those 9,200 that just ignore the call thanks to caller id and call intercept. I’ll make my voice known on Tuesday and I suggest you do the same.

Speaking of politics, anyone watch SNL last night? I thought the first skit was borderline offensive. The whole “I’d like to beat Teresa Kerry” thing was unfunny and offensive to me. (And yes, if they did the same thing about Laura Bush I’d say the same thing). Eminem did that anti-Bush song “Mosh,” but sang to a backing vocal (after SNL made fun of itself last week) and used a TelePromTer! I don’t know if he was just making light of the situation (he does seem to be a smart guy) or really didn’t know the words — just looked weird.

Johnny Damon on SNL was a surprise — pretty funny too, that was about it for funny on that show however…..

Okay, I’m going to play some more Rushing Attack now. BTW, time is running out on the EA Sports Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. I was thinking about getting Tiger & FIFA but since I already have Madden and NCAA, there really isn’t another game I want for free. I hear horrible things about NHL and NBA…although the NASCAR game might be fun. If only Tiger let more than 2 players play online. Oh yeah, I’m talking about Xbox here — I already have FIFA for PC.

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