More on the OSU “Scandal”

If you read ESPN as a gospel of sports news reporting..well..that’s a bad idea. ESPN reported last week that, “Three more Buckeyes support Clarett allegations.”

Well, not really. You see, ESPN is spinning this how they want, and they’re really trying to lend credence to their initial story on Clarett. In the new article they quote Fred Pagac Jr., a former MLB and the son of a former coach. Well, in today’s Columbus Dispatch, he’s quoted saying:

“Whoever wrote that kind of made it seem like we were trying to bring the program down, and the coaches down; I think the caption was we were supporting Clarett’s allegations,” Pagac said yesterday. “That’s not true at all. “I had no comment on summer jobs, and money, and cars, and all that kind of stuff. And (the reporter) asked me about tutors and I pretty much made a comment about tutors in general; students, people helping out other people to get stuff done.”

Tutors aren’t affiliated with the school.

“I wasn’t trying to support any allegations about tutors helping out football players to get through school and all that kind of stuff,” Pagac said.

Former receiver Drew Carter also talked with ESPN. The story indicated that he not only got illicit academic help but that he and fellow players would help other players “hook up” with the right people to aid them, too.

“I just wanted to clarify that no tutor ever did my work,” said Carter, who is with the Carolina Panthers and is currently rehabilitating a knee injury. “I worked hard. I worked hard for everything, and I’ve always done that.

Then Friday, ESPN was forced to run a story that was in the Dispatch about the Clarett car fiasco. Remember, Clarett implicated Tressel to Tom Friend at ESPN the Magazine. This article pretty much sticks a fork in that.

Does anyone else find it odd that the only FACTS being reported are from the Columbus Dispatcn and not the investigative slueths at ESPN?

Then lastly, Drew Carter’s brother, who is a regular at says this about the Carter interview:

“I wanted to spread the word on how ESPN has been going about this story so here it goes. ESPN has been calling anybody and everybody they could of former players. When the player gets on the phone the conversation is completely one-sided. The interviewer starts talking about the Clarett situation, and keeps talking, and talking, and talking and the players are barely saying anything throughout the entire conversation. At certain points in the conversation the person doing the interview might stop and say, “What do you think about that?” or little questions here or there. In Drew’s instance regarding football players and jobs, Drew made comments about how he got help getting jobs, which is legal, he always had to fill out the proper paper work including his social security # so there was records of the jobs being legit, and Drew mentioned he got paid thousand dollars. ESPN twisted the few words that Drew said into Buckeyes were getting set up in cake walk jobs, doing nothing, and getting paid thousands of dollars when Drew never said that.

Regarding the tutors, the ESPN interviewer did his typical talking and talking and talking, then asked Drew, “What do you think?” Drew’s comments were something to the effect of, well if he (Clarett) needed help, I’m sure he could have gotten it, anybody can get hooked up with a tutor; it is a college campus. Drew said nothing about tutors doing work for players, that was all added by ESPN, and nothing about $100 handshakes. Drew also added that with all the help a player can get, and they are still failing out, what does that say about the player?

Moving forward from here, Tressel told Drew that he is going to be contacted by a University PR person for a quote and Drew has been working with the Carolina Panther PR people regarding this situation. ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. In my opinion, The univsity, Drew, former players, need to make an effort to get the truth out or people like Drew are going to be looked down upon for quotes they didn’t say for the rest of their lives.”

If what he says is true, ESPN could be in serious legal trouble if the NCAA clears OSU, and any former player will corobberate this. Scary, scary stuff.

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1 Response to More on the OSU “Scandal”

  1. kevinpars says:

    Bill, I know that Herbstreet has a show in Columbus. What is his take on the whole situation?? As a former player and an ESPN employee, he must have to tiptoe around the whole thing.It always amazes me when ESPN gets on their high horse about integrity and greed in sports. Yet their magazine -which is read by a lot of kids- is filled with advertisements glamorizing cigarettes and alcohol.


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