What the hell Sega?

I’m starting to think that the Sega games are $19.99 because they’re buggy messes rather than Sega trying to stick it to EA. I’m almost to the point that playing a Legacy in ESPN College Hoops for the Xbox is pointless because of all of the freezes/lockups when simulating days of the week. I’ve had to reboot three times now at different stages. I’ll play a game, do some recruiting, simulate a few days of the week to get to my next game and all of a sudden it freezes, the music starts looping and the entire game locks up. I go over to Operation Sports and read a 4 page thread of people having this exact same problem.

NFL 2K5’s Dynasty mode is buggy as hell and now College Hoops Legacy Mode is a frozen mess. Thanks Sega. Tell ya what–next year sell the damn games for $50 and make sure they WORK.

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1 Response to What the hell Sega?

  1. kingsrok says:

    the ps2 version does not have any bugs so far. it always seems the xbox has more. i want an xbox for the hard drive features, but i dont really want the bugs either.


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