Sunday Fun

Few miscellaneous thoughts:

1. Nothing sucks more than getting a Sunday paper, having 23 K-Mart inserts but no Best Buy or Circuit City inserts. Ugh.

2. Congrats to 1-AA New Hampshire for their great performance on ESPN 2 last night in the 1-AA football playoffs. 1-AA is so much better than the BCS crap, it’s not even funny.

3. Madden on Tapwave needs a serious patch fast. I’ve had one crash, one run out of the endzone on a kickoff for a safety, and more of that Atari 5200 like crap. The graphics are very good, the AI is average; but things like that just annoy the hell out of me. Play by play is very good, much better than I thought for a handheld; however you can’t expect an Xbox level of commentary. There is an ‘update’ planned for bluetooth and a create a player mode. Hopefully they’ll fix the other stuff as well.

4. Patriots game is on at 4.15. Still no CBS HD. Ugh.

5. I know OSU is Bill’s Alma Mater — but this whole thing is disgusting. What makes it worse is that if these allegations are true, that probably puts OSU on board with all the rest of the 1-A schools. If anyone believes these problems are just related to OSU, they need a clue. The NCAA just whores these kids out, and just look at the BCS for further evidence.

6. That being said, a real shame that BC got creamed by Syracuse, elminating them for a “good” bowl bid. Enjoy the ACC, becuase you’ll have zero chance of a bowl bid now. But hey, it’s all for the money and you earned it!

7. I have to go eat lunch now.


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