Bye Bye Butch

Someone at the DSP forum asked what I thought about the “resignation” of Butch Davis in Cleveland. Well, here’s my take:

He had to go. Davis may be a great college recruiter but he’s a terrible game day coach (I mean 100% rotten) and one of the worst judges of NFL talent I have ever seen. Combine those two redeeming features with his insistance on being both head coach and GM and he had to go.

The Browns have had some of the worst drafts over the past few years. Couch wasn’t his fault and nor was Courtney Brown (Brown is more of a bad luck pick because he’s always hurt).

But Davis drafted:

-3rd pick overall DT Gerard Warren who flat out sucks (We could have had Ladanian Tomlinson but no..we wanted this fat ass. Warren is literally stealing his $)

-19th pick overall C Jeff Faine who is terribly average, at best

-16th pick overall RB William Green who is a decent back but not a star

-He wasted a 3rd round pick in a center who never sees the field (thus he had to draft Faine)

-He used a 5th round pick to draft a LONG SNAPPER. Seriously. A Long Snapper.

-He wasted a 2nd round pick on a OLB from West Texas A&M who is still learnng how to play football.

-This season with Winslow and Sean Jones getting hurt not ONE player from the draft made a contribution to the Browns in 2004. None. Zero. He also traded up ONE SPOT to get Winslow and gave up a 2nd round pick to do it. Davis was played, by all people, Matt Millen.

In 4 drafts, Davis has made only a handful of picks that are noteworthy:

4th rnd CB Anthony Henry

5th rnd MLB Andra Davis

4th rnd RB Lee Suggs

3rd rnd FS Chris Crocker

Add ALL of that with the fact that we never bring any significant FAs (Garcia and Ryan Tucker and Ross Verba being the exceptions) and you have a 3-8 team that needs a new leader.

I hate starting over again, but this absolutely needed to happen.

As for Willingham leaving Notre Dame, I have no comment. I care as much about Notre Dame as I do the Chilean soccer team.

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1 Response to Bye Bye Butch

  1. pb4201 says:

    Bill,As a Ravens fan, I’m sorry to see Butch go!!! Now just dont take Ozzie or Phil Savage from us.


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