Buh Bye Tivo

Today was a huge day in my house. Imagine if you will:

* Being able to record HD

* Being able to record 2 HD shows at the same time

* Being able to flip back and forth between two live shows without missing a play

You see, my cable company dropped off their version of TiVo. Oh I’m sorry, I mean CableDVR. Let me just say that I enjoyed my TiVo. Apparently the business plan at TiVo is to shoot themselves in the foot. Let’s say that TiVo’s are for geeks like myself that are cutting edge, right — the idiots that would pay $599 for a 10 hour Tivo series 1. However the folks at TiVo decided that there really isn’t a market for HD Tivos and are not going to make their own.

This means that if I want to see Lost in HD I would have to watch it at 8pm on Wednesday. Uh, F that if you know what I mean.

So CableDVR comes to town with a 120GB hard drive. IT’s $9.95/month (cheaper than a single tivo montly fee, but it sucks when you already bought TiVo lifetime), but just fantastic to watch recorded HD programs like Lost tonight. Oh yeah, and you know all that network time shift horseshit — like tonight when Lost is on from 8:00 – 9:02 which prohibits West Wing from recording? Not a problem with this 2 tuner CableDVR. Oh yeah, and did I mention they both record in HD.

So, yeah, that’s pretty awesome. Of course, part of me feels guilty bragging about this when Bill has frozen pipes and 45,000 people are dead from a tsunami. But I just had to tell you about it.

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3 Responses to Buh Bye Tivo

  1. Dan says:

    I have a Direct TV TIVO HD receiver sitting in my family room right now. So unless you mean they aren’t making stand alone Tivo’s that record HD (which makes a little sense because tivo is owned by direct TV now) then you’ve gotten bad information.


  2. Mr. McBeavy says:

    I’ll 2nd what the previous commenter said. Tivo makes an HD box – it’s just that it’s tied into DirecTV. The Directv HD tivo let’s you record 2 HD shows at the same time while watching a third, comes with HDMI connection and cable, and a 250GB HD.The only downside is the price and the speed of the program guide:http://blog.rufhausen.com/archives/2004/11/hdtivo_at_last.html


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    Tivo is a separate company (Stock symbol: TIVO) and is not owned by News Corp (which owns DirecTV). In fact, News Corp owns another DVR company and rumor has it they will roll out their own DVR next year, which is bad news for TiVo.TiVo does NOT make that HD box, it’s made by DirecTV, with a license from TiVo (hence the reason why that nice HDTiVo box doesn’t do Home Media Option or TivoToGo). And if you don’t have DirecTV, you don’t have TiVo in HD, so it’s useless. And $1,000 for a DVR? No thanks.


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