The Burst Pipe Saga Continues

Disclaimer: The tone of this is meant to be light-hearted, so please be sure to read it with that in mind. Especially with what’s been going on in Asia, I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I treat this as anything more than a rather ill-timed inconvenience. With that, read on:

Well, it’s three days later. The carpet in our great room is all ripped out and we have an estimate for new carpet, but the drywall just won’t dry (go figure). So for now, all our furniture from the room is still taking up all available space in our kitchen, guest room and living room, which leaves us with just the baby’s room (not much space there) and our bedroom (even less space). Ana (our 1 year old) clearly hates being restricted to just her bedroom when she comes home from daycare. I swear she thinks she’s being punished for something when we won’t let her leave her room. Judging by the fact that all of a sudden she crawls all over her mother, but cries whenever I pick her up, she must blame me. Greaaaaaaat. (Hear the voice of Bill Lumburgh from Office Space.) 🙂

Anyway, with any luck whatsoever (yeah, right), the room will be fully dry tomorrow (Friday) so I’m rolling the dice and telling the carpet people to do their thing on Friday (assuming they process our order fast enough). Meanwhile the insurance claims adjuster is telling me they want to run tests on the old carpet to see how much they’re willing to pay us for it and that it won’t happen till next week and will take another 2-4 days. Like we’re going to tolerate living in the house like this for another week if we don’t absolutely have to. I don’t think so. We’ll just have to pay the carpet people and hope the new carpeting isn’t more expensive than what the value the old. (Knock on wood.) If not we’ll get stuck with the difference, which at this point is something with which I think I can live.

Fortunately, I’ve at least been able to hook up my PC for some Internet access while waiting on all these guys to call me back with information. I wish I could connect my speakers to it so I could listen to some music, but with the drying machines and dehumidifiers going like a cement truck in here I doubt I could hear it very well anyway (if I wear headphones I won’t hear any phone calls).

The truly amazing thing to me is that I haven’t totally lost it yet. Historically, I’m hot tempered as hell. I don’t really ever lose it with people around, but small (usually non-breakable) objects get thrown around and the walls get quite a tongue-lashing. Especially since Ana got hear I’ve been working really hard on not letting my temper get out of hand (mostly successfully). Since the pipe burst the worst thing I’ve done is yell “goddamnit” really loud after dropping a can of 7-up, springing a leak in it. It was from the *only* carton out of about 10-dozen 12 packs of pop in our garage that didn’t have at least two cans freeze and burst (spent two hours yesterday cleaning that up). Don’t ask me why we have that much pop. I can only say that my wife likes it when things go on sale.

If nothing else, in a few years this is going to be one heck of a fun story to tell friends and relatives. Who am I kidding? It’s already funny as hell to me (believe it or not, I’ve been skipping over a lot of side plots to this story). It’s getting to be like that scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where Steve Martin and John Candy can’t stop laughing about their run of bad luck. Good times… Good times. 😉

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