Time for the Grumpy Old Gamer

Well, I played my football game last night, and umm boy did I suck. I was down 31-3 in the 2nd. I fumbled a kickoff return. God damn……..I did make it interesting in the same way PIT made the NE game interesting….I got it down to 14 and was in the red zone but couldn’t convert…twice. Ugh.

Still an enjoyable game…I haven’t had that much fun with Madden..except with maybe rushing attack.

In other news, my Orioles are about ready to get Sammy Sosa…at least according to every sports news thing. Hmm, a non-roids Sosa who’s 36 and hasn’t it 50 home runs since Brady Anderson was playing….can we give him, say $17 million? What a pick up! Why not just activate Albert Belle while you’re at it. Well, maybe he will be Dillionized in Baltimore. Maybe not. Guess we’ll see. At least they did something. Apparently Javy Lopez and Tejada really lobbied for him to come over. At some point the O’s will learn not to give up their farm system for high priced free agents. Glenn Davis anyone? Oh well, at least they got rid of losers like Schilling in that gem…..

When I bought my 50″ DLP, I filled out a rebate and completed all the paperwork. The rebate company kicked it saying they didn’t have my account number of my cable bill. I replied to them “I have the copy right here. The account number is listed right where it says “account number””. And then they wonder why they get sued….

It’s supposed to get to a balmy 32 here today…but right now it’s 1. One f@#$ing degree. It better warm up!


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3 Responses to Time for the Grumpy Old Gamer

  1. Carl says:

    Ah yes… as an Astros fan, I do remember the Curt Schilling, Steve Finley, and Pete Harnisch (that was the thee, wasn’t it?) trade for Glenn Davis trade. That was a good one. Of course, the Astros traded Schilling away after one year, and Finley had his better years (along with Caminiti) after they were traded as well. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. It’s not as good as the Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell trade, though. The all-time great as an Astros fan.


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    Yes, Finley & Schilling are still playing. Damn that was a fine O’s team. Damn you Angelos!!


  3. mjb2123 says:

    Dan,Regarding your DLP – do you have any problem gaming on it? I’ve read a few reports on avsforum.com that DLP’s sometimes get blurry when gaming on them. Something about not being able to refresh the image on the screen fast enough. Just wondering because I’m looking into getting a 46″ Samsung DLP (HLP4663W). Thanks for any feedback!


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