U2 can shove their site up their ass

I’ve been a member of the old U2 fan club, Propaganda, since around Joshua Tree. Since then I’ve been able to get tickets to every tour they’ve ever done. Some have been fantastic seats (ZOO TV @ Foxboro), some have been ass (Elevation @ FleetCenter), but I’ve always received tickets.

This year U2 decided to mothball Propaganda and divert everything to U2.com. It costs $40 a year to join U2.com, but Propaganda users were supposed to get in for 1/2 price. They were supposed to be mailed a letter. I never recieved said letter and despite emails to propaganda, u2.com and even numb.ie, I got nowhere. No freakin way I was going to pay $40 for what amounted to an online Personal Seat License.

I’m glad I didn’t give Bono my money. Apparently according to most fan sites, the online presale was a complete clusterfrick. Some never got in. Others thought they had great seats, then TicketFucker changed the seating layout. It’s almost hysterical what happened, except tickets were $160 each plus service charges. I think I could find lapdances that give me better gratification than those tickets.

Anyway, as a FleetCenter special customer, I was offered 1 U2 ticket with parking and dinner for the low low price of $390. Uh, no thanks. Anyone that fucks their fanclub over the way U2 just did just lost a pretty big fan. Oh well, not that I’d missing anything on tour anyway. I Will Follow for the 23rd time? Please. I guess I have Vertigo or something :).


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3 Responses to U2 can shove their site up their ass

  1. Michael says:

    I feel the same way. I was never a Propaganda member, but I never had a problem getting tickets. I live in Albany, NY, and have seen them at Fleet Center, Pepsi Arena, Meadowlands, MSG, Saratoga Raceway, etc. I consider myself a very big fan of them…..I have few things I consider my “favorites”….I have no favorite sports player, etc….but U2 is definitely my favorite band of all time.However, the last tour (Elevation) will probably have been my last. Those tickets were 130 face, and with the 2 of us, and TM charges, it gets to be 300 for 2 tickets. That was enough…..a fantastic show always, but the 160 or so for Vertigo is insane. I would have thought with all the damn iTunes commercials they did, they wouldnt need the money. I know that the band sees a small percentage of concert revenue after all the people get their pie piece, but I cant see myself paying 160/per for a concert, unless it happened to be a Jimi/Jim Morrison/Stevie Ray Vaughan reunion show….and even then Id be hesitant. Well, long post, just trying to vent my sadness/frustration (that I see is shared by others as well). Thanks for the forum to do so!


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    Thanks for your post. Same here. Great show, horribly expensive. At least when I went to Simon & Garfunkel I knew the end was near….


  3. Craig Tompkins says:

    I can’t believe you actually admit going to Simon & Garfunkel! I didn’t realize you were 60 🙂


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