I get back and all hell breaks loose

I’ve been on a mini-sabbatical the past week, so my apologies for the lack of Bill Blogging.

Looks like I was about as wrong as a guy can be about the baseball license thing. Well, sort of. I had no idea that Sega was going to sell off their sports stuff to Take-Two. Everyone knows that Take-Two has major financial muscle (thank you GTA) and it looks like the battle is officially on for sports game dominance.

GameSpot has the latest on the Baseball Wars. In short, football goes to EA, baseball will go, mostly, to Take-Two with MVP Baseball being DOA. That article is interesting in that the company *says* it’s going to be whole hog on baseball games. We’ll see. I still have a flicker of hope that this will bring back PC baseball — maybe Microsoft will finally dust off that High Heat base code? Who knows?

I might be going to E3 this year with the folks at GameSpy. Maybe. I dunno yet for sure but when I know I’ll post it here. I haven’t been to E3 in four years and I need to get back (for business reasons actually.) The games are really a secondary reason for me wanting to go. I personally loathe that show.

Finally, despite being busy with real life stuff of late I have been playing Vampire: Bloodlines (flash site) — powergaming through it, actually. What a great game. I played a lot of the RPG in college and this game (made by the Troika) really nails the atmosphere of the game world. If you like RPGs (ADULT RPGs..the language and the content is definitely for adults) and if you have the horsepower to run it, it does use the Half-Life 2 engine after all, then this one comes highly recommended.

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