As Bill mentioned before, I strongly encourage you to read the GameSpot interview. Interesting stuff…one thing that’s pretty hysterical is how TTWO says they are committed to consumer choice…uh, except when that choice is EA, huh?

So let’s assume EA kills their baseball game. Big deal. I know there are MVP fans out there, and they will be bummed. From a sales standpoint, EA loses about $5 bucks based on the sale of baseball games. No wonder it was such an easy license to get.

What’s more interesting is the TTWO kiss ass to Sony. One wonders if the GTA franchise quid pro quo came into play so that Sony could make their own baseball games. Frankly, I wasn’t a fan of MVP. I am a fan of MLB 2005, and hopeful about MLB 2006. So it’s not a big deal to me, but calling it “consumer choice” is lame.

The GameSpot article quotes the agreement that basically says that only the first party console maker can enter into an agreement and that prohibits cobranding. I still say big deal. Sony could still ask EA to develop the game, no one would know and as long as the EA logo isn’t on the front it seems legal — mind you I have yet to see the actual agreement and I doubt anyone will show it to me.

Of course, we are just speculating. I still think that NCAA license is pretty juicy.

Anyone watch some Arena football? Interesting overtime rules they have, basically forcing a team to go for two because after each team has a posession in OT, it’s sudden death. Of course, since every posession seems to result in points, you pretty much have to go for two. Interesting coaching strategy. Maybe this game will be good. Can’t be any worse than that Midway POS.

God I hate February…after this weekend, it’s Arena Football (bearable), College Basketball (ugh), NBA (bleeeech) until Daytona. Oh wait, there are some World Cup Qualifiers in there, and yay, we have the ‘real’ US team.

On a sad note, Joe-Max Moore retired from soccer this past week. JMM was one of my favorite players, I got to meet him a few times and just a great all around guy. He was cover boy of a World Tour Soccer game…I think it was 2002 but don’t quote me. Injuries got to him. The last couple of years weren’t very good for JMM…since he left New England for Everton, he just didn’t play up to the potential we saw in World Cup ’98. Since he was injured, the Revs just weren’t the same..either I got older and ‘grew up’ or I lost that player/fan bond that we had in MLS in 96-99 or so. Just a real disappointment. Okay I digress, I should go take some Xanax or something. LOL.


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