Worst. Fanclub. Ever.

As you know, the U2 fan sale was probably one of the biggest disasters ever as far as ticket presales go. U2 is now offering refunds to those who were unable to buy tickets. (I’m still waiting for my Propaganda discount code btw, but hey I didn’t get suckered in myself)..

Anyway, just in case you didn’t know that, now you do. Of course, knowing how well they answer emails like “what is my Propaganda discount code” with {crickets chirping}, I’m sure you’ll get your refund about the same time that Xbox 3 is out.

I tell you as far as music fanclubs go, I’ve lost a lot of faith and hope in the band. It’s kinda like when a President you admire denies getting laid in the oval office and then admits fellatio. It just a massive downer — otherwise I wouldn’t keep harping on it. It’s actually difficult for me to watch a U2 video now without feeling angry about this whole situation.

Okay that’s it for U2.. maybe I’ll talk about something else now…like politics….in the words of Feracito..”i’m Just keeeeeding”!


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