Fun with reviews

I just took a look at IGN. They gave MVP a 9.2 and ESPN an 8.5. I don’t even think it’s that close. Look at this quote:

Last year’s game felt sloppy, but this year MLB 2K is back on track. There stil some serious issues, particularly with AI, but overall this is a much more enjoyable rendition. It’s not perfect, but what is (besides me)?

Well, that sounds like an 8.5 to me! Serious issues, but an 8.5? And of course, gotta get that nice little ego thing in there. And how about the editing of that review? Sure I can see a fan site missing it but how does a sentence like “There stil (sic) some serious issues..” get published? And no, you’re not perfect.

In other news, I see that Gran Turismo 4 is getting widespread priase. You know what I don’t get — mind you I haven’t played the game — but this seems to me to be one of those games that automatically gets a 9 even if you haven’t played it. Folks, I don’t care how shiny the car looks — not having an online feature in this day and age automatically loses a point in my book. I have to say, this serious racing sim has a lot of fans, but every time I’ve played it..since Gt on the PS1…I just can’t get into it. Boring is a word that comes to mind. NASCAR for the PC by Papy is at least enjoyable, albeit very difficult — same with Grand Prix there. And yes, I bitch a lot.

More blog news. Believe it or not, this isn’t the only sports gaming blog out there. GameSpot Sports now has a blog as well. I was floored to see this post that says MVP 2005 is not as good as MVP 2004.

This is a prime example of a decent but buggy game in 2004 that rather than ‘rebuild it from the ground up’ they fixed things and made it a much better game. I cannot imagine picking MVP 04 over MVP 05. On the other hand, I can imagine picking ESPN MLB 2K4 over MLB 2K5 in a heartbeat.

Writers like myself usually complain in a review if it’s a ‘more of the same’ game. But I review each case differently. Again, not having played GT4, I can’t really give first hand analysis of it, but reading the reviews, it sounds like it’s more of the same. A racing game with 600 cars instead of 300 cars with the same driving model but pretty graphics doesn’t do it for me. A baseball game with more refined gameplay and more of the same does do it for me, especially if the box scores were right :). That’s my opinion. You know what you’re getting with me, I’m up front about it even if I flip flop. :). Your mileage may vary elsewhere.


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  1. Gruf says:

    Yeah dan GPL is still one of the best driving “SIMS” around. Yes its dificiult to master, but so i guess is being a race driver.A game most of us sim drivers are waiting for this side of the Atlantic is GTR. not sure if its getting a release in the US.


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