Sony sent over Untold Legends for me for review for the PSP. Aside from the brief period of me vomiting earlier (I’m sick), I haven’t put this game down. I don’t understand the harsh reviews this game is getting — basically getting hit because it’s a ‘diablo clone’. Well, if you want to play Diablo but on a handheld, there’s nothing better than this game. It’s a sleeper hit in my book, which is typical because why would I believe all the pre-release reviews. Gah!

Like I said, today hasn’t been a good day for me. My son was diagnosed with an ear infection last week, so I had to stay home with him, and he repaid me by coughing on me non-stop. I think I could feel the virus attack me. Since then, although I haven’t had it for say, 22 years, my asthma has kicked in full effect. Barely able to breathe, coughing like I smoke 3 packs a day, which then led to the aforementioned vomiting. Interestingly enough, after the vomit, I felt 10 times better (oh yeah, I didn’t know tomato sauce becomes pink in your stomach. Interesting side note, don’t you think)?

So although my head feels better, my breathing still isn’t good. When I called the doctor at 11 am this morning, the earliest they could get me in was 9 am tomorrow. I’m like, but I can’t breathe!!!

Oh well, I guess I can breathe, just not well. My peak flow meter readings have hit all time lows. This is not fun, but I can still play games, so I guess it could be worse. Off to the doctor in the AM. Toodles.

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