Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of stuff from me of late. I’m scheduled to go see the doc Thursday; I think I may have an ulcer. Lots of personal stuff going on in Ye Ol Abner House right now so it’s not that shocking that it’s having an impact on me I suppose. I’d be more specific but, well, let’s face it: how well do I know you?

So here’s a few random thoughts for the day before I get back to sitting on the couch with Ashley to play some more Spiderman 2:

* All this PSP stuff….I just don’t get it. Maybe this is a branch of gaming that is just over my head but when did it get to be so important to have access to games 24/7 and while in your car? If there is some hook that I’m just not seeing please fill me in.
* I’m currently working on the active work list. Imperial Glory is getting some time right now. In short, if you played and enjoyed the Total War games (Shogun, Medieval, Vikings, Rome) this is like that, only in the era of Napoleon. Pretty cool so far but it lacks some of the polish of the TW series.
* I have been assigned World Tour Soccer for the PS2 to review. Is that a good thing?
* I’ve moved to a PvP server in WoW. I’m now on Tichondrius as a level 18 undead rogue. Rogues are a blast to play.
* Has anyone played City of Heroes or Star Wars Galaxies? I read the reviews and I know that SWG got beat up by the press at launch, but is it still a dog? Seeing as how Ashley has turned into a 4 year old superhero, I think I may grab City of Heroes instead. I can’t believe I have turned into a MMO fan. Maybe I’m missing this PSP thing after all…
* Lastly, does anyone still watch Carnivale? If so, holy shit was that a good fina 3 episodes or what?

Anyway, I need some milk. This stomach thing is very uncool.

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  1. serialmike says:

    Bill,I am kinda up on this as i have had health issues for six months now. I was diagnosed…after me telling the doctor…for Hpylori. It is an intestinal bacteria that comes form bad water and othwer things.anyway it is pretty much medical fact that Hpylori is the casue of 90-100 percent of all ulcers. get a blood test for it…the doctors wont do it without you telling them to. Also casue it is new info some doctors are asses about it. mine was cool but his associate was an ass clown know it all.I had breathing issues. stomach pain that feels like im hungry headaches…all sorts of stuff.anyway…something to check!read about it…google it.


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