Fun and Games, U2 and more

First off, just a note about Bill’s PSP post. I certainly understand what he is saying, but you have to appreciate how amazing this PSP is…and besides, for those times you’re sitting on the john, what’s wrong with a little multiplayer online gaming? Just watch out for your legs getting numb. Also, when you are bedridden and say, are having trouble breathing, the PSP really comes in handy. Furthermore, when your 5 year old wants to watch Full House for the 234324098th time and wants you to stay in the same room which happens to be otherwise gameless, the PSP makes for a fine companion.

I just read the review for the U2 concert in San Diego. All I can say is, October can’t come soon enough (I have tickets for the October show). Apparently they do Electric Co, An Cat Dubh, and Zoo Station….and they brought back 40 to end the show. That is going to be one good show.

New Lost tonight. New Alias tonight. USA Today says Eyes at 10pm is also pretty good. Amercian Idol’s drop off show is tonight as well, and a USA World Cup game. Damn. Thank god for 2 tivos and the 2 tuner cable company DVR. Hopefully the US will do better than they did vs Mexico. That game blew chunks.

While checking out IGN, I see that Splinter Cell Chaos Theory got high reviews (big surprise) and so did the new Time Splitters game. However, reading the first page of the Time Splitters review, you wonder how it got a 9.0, becuase the writing makes it sound like the game is a turd. A friend of mine on ICQ just posted to me about Chaos Theory: “the knife kills are fucking brutal kidney ruptures, throat slashes, armpit jabs. just makes you feel like this twisted spy version of ol’ Jack without the hookers and all.” (Jack the Ripper he’s talking about). Damn, that sounds so gross, I’m going to have to pick that one up before Congress complains…

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