City of Sorta Heroes!

I’ve been trying out City of Heroes the past couple of days. Most of these online RPGs have a 30 day grace period beore they start charging you–granted I ponied up $30 just to buy the thing, but still..

It’s a weird game. So far the best part is the hero creation system.

When I sat down to make a character I let Ashley (she’s 4) pick all of the features of our hero. I just described the stuff and she picked everything. She’s been on a superhero kick for a while now and we just got The Incredibles DVD and she’s a huge Frozone fan, so it was no surprise that she went with an ice based hero. We ended up with this:

  • 6’8 Female
  • Tank Archetype (tanks are brutes..think Hulk or Beast or The Thing)
  • Wears a Hood
  • Decked out in mostly pale blue
  • Wears a visor similar to Cyclops (we have no idea why, Ashley thought it looked “cool” (get it….she’s witty)
  • She has only melee attacks and can make her hands turn into solid ice
  • She also has a frost armor that she can summon at will

You can spend a long time customizing your hero. It’s really slick. When we were done, it was up to me to come up with a name. Ashley wanted Frozone (OK she’s not THAT witty) but we had to come up with something semi original.

I got it! Tundra!

Name taken. Try another.

The Yeti

Name taken. Try another.

The Glacier

Name taken. Try another.


Ashley suggests, “Frosty.”

Name taken. Try another.

Queen Frost

Name taken. Try another.

I type in Frostmane just for the hell of it.

Name accepted.

Now our hero doesn’t have anything like a mane…but hey at this point I was about to type in Dipshit McGoo just in hopes of it working.

So off we go to save the world!

We didn’t get out of the tutorial before it was time for me to start dinner, but it just feels odd to me. I’m a superhero–granted a new one, but still–SUPERHERO. In tge tutorial you get to smack around stationary targets to get used to the combat controls.

Frostmane had several misses when attacking…a stationary target. What kind of superhero did we create? She can’t hit a tackling dummy let alone a real bad guy. So we do the tutorial and get used to how to play and we get to enter Paragon City as a level one hero. Upon entering, we see literally dozens of other heroes running around the city. There are more heroes than regular people. It’s just weird. It also breaks the illusion when you see heroes named “I Rock” or “I am the Man.” I would frown upon this but after going through the naming process…hey whatever works, kid.

After running around a bit and missing level one thugs we logged off to play Pooh Bear V-Smile. Maybe we’ll return to Paragon City tomorrow. Or maybe we’ll just play more WoW.

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1 Response to City of Sorta Heroes!

  1. Rana says:

    I’ve been playing City of Heroes for a couple months now, and I have to pity those poor people. I mean, I save some poor woman from some drugged up thugs and she crosses the street and is mugged by some “Godfather” rejects. But hey, I did a good deed already and those goons are too low level to give me any experience. I’ll leave her for some other aspiring hero to save… Like Frostmane.


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