Err on the side of life, unless you get the death penalty

Time to go non sports for a minute:

I’m not here to pick sides about this single person’s life. I’m here to call out the hypocrisy of our President and House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay. The President of the United States today said that we should err on the side of life. Interestingly enough, this is the same guy who put to death more inmates in Texas than most anyone else. He also put one hell of a lot of troops in Iraq based on evidence that came out today which was “whoopsie”.

Tom DeLay today said that he would get the people responsible for Terri’s death. However, taking his dad off the ventilator was a ‘personal issue’.

Wow, so again, it’s right to life, but only when it makes sense to support the cause, eh? What happened today was awful. The whole circus is disgusting. I wasn’t there. I’m not a doctor, although I’m probably as qualified as Bill “you can get AIDS by shaking hands” Frist. No one knows what really happened, and you know what — we don’t need to know. It’s not our business. There was no crime, there was no need for Congress to stop everything and work on this.

Of course, by next Friday, no one will care, because there will be more testimony that Michael Jackson touched little boys. Either that or we’ll be having a debate about the Pope’s feeding tube. Wonder how that one will turn out.

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