A Sad Day

Yes, today I cancelled my Star Wars Galaxies account. Being a Star Wars fan of about oh..25 years, I was excited when the game was announced a couple of years ago. Bad reviews and word of mouth kept me away until now. Tons of updates and an expansion…surely that would help, right?

Well, sorta. Bugs were fixed and features added but Lucasarts has managed to make a Star Wars game as stale as a dried lima bean. I hear it gets better after you play it for a month, but who wants to spend tons of time just to get to some fun stuff? Ya know, there was a time that when you saw the Lucasarts label on a game that it meant it was going to be good — no questions asked it was going to be worth buying. Today, it’s more like, “Did Bioware develop it? If not — pass.”

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1 Response to A Sad Day

  1. Dave says:

    Very True Bill. The only good Star Wars game of the last few years is Knights of the Old Republic. Battlefront stunk, Republic Commando was short and the online portion just wasn’t very good, Episode III looks just like the games for 1 and 2.


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