As I watch the O’s in their Friday Night Home O’s caps throttle the Devil Rays (God, this is starting to get addictive…you know…like….oh my god, they are actually doing well), I just read up that XM Radio got the World Cup. Suck on that Sirius. Yes, I’m an XM Fanboy. I have no idea about Sirius, I’ve never listened to it, and I don’t care. I’ve had XM since June 2002, and have pretty big loyalty….except for that time they killed USA Today Radio…and Special X….and NASCAR in 2007. But anyway, I love that Home Plate channel. Just love it. If you love baseball and don’t like the WEEI-like crap trash talking, put it on. Every MLB game every day on radio….heaven…and now the World Cup…all the games…I’ll take that over the EPL…especially since all EPL games are on FSC….yeah, the World Cup games are on too, but you know at work it’s tough…

Anyhoo, good for XM.

I’m a big music fan. My 40GB ipod is full, I have XM and music everywhere. I was thinking about doing the new Rhapsody…on demand songs is kinda cool…I did the trial, I kinda like it…still not all the songs are there, and I hate that. Don’t show the Beatles if all you have is some crappy demo tape from 1959. Ugh.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there uses Rhapsody and if they enjoy it..please post.


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  1. Brian says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple years and I love it. It’s not perfect, but it is good enough. I hardly ever buy CDs anymore.Disclaimer: I work at RealNetworks, so I get Rhapsody for nothing (I have nothing to do with Rhapsody or RealPlayer). That means I’m probably a little biased, but I also went through a period where I refused to use RealPlayer unless I had no other option. I was an eMusic subscriber for several years until I found out their unlimited downloads were not unlimited. I had no good reason to pay eMusic because I also had access to free music, but I wanted to support them and I found a lot of interesting music using their service.A lot of people can’t seem to get past the “I want to own my music” mindset. I don’t mind renting music, especially if I’m not restricted in where and how I can play it. I pay my cable company every month for a bunch of crap. I’d rather pay them for something I actually want. Rhapsody mostly gives me what I want.I sometimes buy music from the iTunes Music Store, but when I think about how much it will cost me to fill up my iPod, I start wishing for a Rhapsody for the Mac. When I can take my rented music with me, I’ll be very happy. Oh, I guess I can now, except I haven’t tried it yet.


  2. wco81 says:

    Owning music is a mindset that has been around since the advent of recorded music.What happens if Napster or any other rental service goes out of business?Seems like if you want rental music, you might as well go with XM.Maybe they could give you a way to record XM streams and have those recordings only work as long as you’re a subscriber in good standing.Don’t these rental services charge you 99 cents when you want to burn the song?


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