While Bill and Todd’s Excellent Adventure winds down (make sure you check out Todd’s E3 posts)..some of us in the northern blue states have yet to experience…uhh warmth.

Today is the 6th consecutive Saturday that’s gray and windy and cold. As I type this it’s a whopping 50 degrees.

So anyway, I said f it, put on my shorts and hit the links. Well I went to the golf club and got fitted for custom clubs. After 7 years of playing the BJ’s Wilson Starter Kit special wasn’t doing me any favors. So anway, I went for the full set — 3I – PW, Putter, Driver, 3W, 5W (they threw in a 7w for free), and a golf bag. They also threw in a dozen Titleist NXT’s for free since I pretty much made their quota and maxed out my credit card. I took ’em right to the covered driving range and brought out the driver. Nailed it. You had to love that sweet sweet sound..if only the other 59 balls I hit were close. Everything I bought was Cobra except for the PW which was Cleveland. At least even if I still suck, I’ll look good on the links!

Anyway it was the first time I swung the clubs so I was rusty (did you know you get a free lesson when you get fitted also)…but also pleased with how I did. I gotta get ready for my first shotgun tournament on June 1st…June is pretty much “working golf month” for me.

Now, if it would just be sunny enough to play…..

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